Marketing Tools For Car Dealerships

DealerIQ is a cloud-based suite of software solutions guaranteed to generate a 10-20 percent increase in profit for your dealership. How? By capturing opportunities from your existing customer base that you probably don’t even know you’re missing.

Dealerships are set up to close deals, not gather analytics and run email campaigns.

DealerIQ does this work for you. Our software leverages existing customer data to pinpoint individuals who are prime candidates for a vehicle trade-in and then accelerates their buying cycle.

Leave confusing dashboards behind.

With DealerIQ, you don’t have to spend hours learning new software and reading through complicated dashboards. Just check your email for hassle-free updates and reports that focus on what really matters—your bottom line!

If you don’t profit, you don’t pay.

If you don’t sell more cars using DealerIQ, then you don’t pay for DealerIQ. It’s that simple.

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SalesIQ uses advanced data analytics to identify customers in your database that are most likely to trade into a new vehicle and delivers them to your dealership.


ServiceIQ helps identify customers who are ready to trade-in their vehicles and even sends those customers messages suggesting that they seek out a sales manager during their next service visit.


WarrantyIQ gives you the power to find existing customers whose manufacturer warranties are about to expire and offer them extended protection on their vehicles—or even a brand new vehicle.


LoyaltyIQ helps you create and maintain a customizable point/reward-based loyalty program that builds deeper relationships with your most valued customers.