About DealerIQ

Founded in 2012, DealerIQ is the leading provider of performance-based sales optimization and customer retention solutions for the retail automotive industry.

We specialize in equity and data mining, customer retention solutions, virtual business development, and call center services, all geared toward maximizing your dealership’s potential.

Our cloud based-based suite of software solutions is guaranteed to generate a 10-20% increase in profit for your dealership by capturing opportunities from your existing customer base—those you may not even know you’re missing.

DealerIQ is simply a smarter way to sell more cars.

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Mailing Address
3465 S. Arlington Rd., E165
Akron, OH 44312

Corporate Headquarters
1790 Town Park Blvd
Akron, OH 44685
Sales: 888-614-5667
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Fax: 888-612-5667
E-mail: info@totalloop.com