The Smarter Way
To Sell More Cars

DealerIQ is a cloud-based suite of software solutions guaranteed to generate a 10-20% increase in profit for your dealership.


You sell the cars.We’ll handle the rest.

With DealerIQ, we crunch all the numbers, handle all the outreach and do all of the administrative work on the backend, leaving your team free to focus on what really matters—selling more cars.

We take the passive data from your DMS and use it to actively generate new sales opportunities, maximize your revenue and create customer loyalty that lasts.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“DealerIQ is an integral part of our retention strategy at our dealerships. The program does a really nice job helping us generate sales and we recently made the serious push to use ServiceIQ to sell cars in our service drives.

The fact that they do all the work for us is why the program works so well.”

Steve Sawyer
General Manager, Ken Ganley Kia

Performance-Based Pricing Assures You Always Get Your Money’s Worth

You pay a low monthly fee based on results, with optional add-ons for direct-mail and Virtual BDC services.
No games, no hidden fees and no contracts.

If You Don’t Profit, You Don’t Pay

If you don’t sell more cars using DealerIQ, then you don’t pay for DealerIQ. It’s that simple.